Artist – Track – Album
*indicates a new record

The Shiners – Hurricane Blues – See Rock City

The Mag Seven – The Commish – Knife to a Gun Fight

Wild Turkey – Devil Ridin’ Shotgun – Devil Ridin’ Shotgun
Western Aces – Ice Cold Water – Introducing The Western Aces
*The Dirt Road Ramblers – She’s All Mine – For Safekeepin’
*Boris McCutcheon and The Salt Licks – California – Wheel Of Life

The Mag Seven – Assemble Your Crew – Knife to a Gun Fight

The Band of Heathens – L.A. County Blues – One Foot in the Ether
Mad Juana – Valhalla – Bruja on the Corner
The Sadies – Another Year Again – Darker Circles

The Mag Seven – sedaGIVE?! – Knife to a Gun Fight

Rezurex – Devil Woman from Outer Space – Beyond The Grave
Roll Out The Guns – On My Own – Roll Out The Guns
The Queers – Overdue – Munki Brain
Dillinger Four – ¡¡Noble Stabbings!! – Situationist Comedy
The Chubbies – Play Me – Play Me

The Mag Seven – Trollling – Knife to a Gun Fight

One F – Waterguns – The Fuck Bush EP
The Shortcuts – Derby Girl – The Shortcuts
Chris Murray – Rocksteady – The 4-Track Adventures
Groovie Ghoulies – Don’t Go Out In The Rain (You’re Gonna Melt) – Monster Club

The Mag Seven – Sleepwalk – Knife to a Gun Fight

Electric Frankenstein – Everybody’s Dead Again – Burn Bright, Burn Fast
Flametrick Subs – Drink  With The Living Dead – Voodoo Doo
Monster Zero – Human Fireball – Sunday School Singalongs
The Eyeliners – Johnny Lockhart – Here Comes Trouble
Texas Terri Bomb – Dream Wrecker – Your Lips, My Ass

The Mag Seven – This Being Milt – Knife to a Gun Fight
The Mag Seven – The Room Got Sexy When We Walked In – Knife to a Gun Fight

The Ditchdiggers – Hickey Hog Hop – Light and Salvation
Hank Williams III – Why Don’t You Leave Me Alone – Risin’ Outlaw
*Halden Wofford & The Hi Beams – Till Night Is Through – Sinners & Saints

The Mag Seven – The Room Got Sexy When We Walked In – Knife to a Gun Fight

Billie Joe Shaver – Georgia on a Fast Train – Story Teller (Live at the Bluebird 1992)
*Carolina Chocolate Drops – Country Girl – Leaving Eden
*AJ Downing and The Buick 6 – Rockin’ Little Rebel – Way Back Home
*Andy Anderson – Big Game Hunter – One Man’s Rock ‘n Roll

Steep Canyon Rangers – Knob Creek – Nobody Knows You