Artist – Track – Album
*indicates a new record

Laurel Canyon Ramblers – Flatland Ramble – Rambler’s Blues
*The Two Man Gentleman Band – Two Star Motel – Two at a Time
*The Great Recession Orchestra – Cat Fight – Double Shot
Split Lip Rayfield – Should Have Seen It Coming – Should Have Seen It Coming
Tommy Alverson – She Found Something In Me – Country To The Bone

*Los Straitjakets – Crime Scene – Jet Set

Weed Patch – Codeine – Maybe The Breaks Will Fail
Those Darlins – Who’s That Knockin’ At My Window – Those Darlins
The Handsome Family – The Loneliness of Magnets – Honey Moon
*The Dirt Road Ramblers – She’s All Mine – For Safekeepin’
The Texas Sapphires – Baltimore Cage – As He Wanders

*Los Straitjakets – Yeah Yeah Yeah – Jet Set

*Joe West – Johnny’s Not Here – Aberdeen S.D.
*Rachel Harrington – I’ll Show You Mine – Makin’ Our House A Honkytonk
Johnny Dilks & His Visitacion Valley Boys – Lose That Woman Blues – Acres of Heartache
Moonlight Trio – Tiburon A La Vista – Cumbiabilly Volume 1
Legendary Shack Shakers – Hobos Are My Heros – Agri-Dustrial

*Los Straitjakets – New Siberia – Jet Set

The Prisoners – Turn It Around – The Land of the Free EP
The Hippos – Far Behind – Forget The World
Frenzal Rhomb – Looking Good – Sans Souci
Mustard Plug – Box – Evildoers Beware!
The Planet Smashers – Mighty – Mighty

*Los Straitjakets – Aerostar – Jet Set

Street Dogs – The General’s Boombox – State of Grace
Gerry Harrington, Eoghan O’Sullivan & Paul De Grae – Rolling In The Barrel/ The Torn Jacket/ The Flowers of Limerick – The Smoky Chimney
The Real McKenzies – Smokin’ Bowl – 10,000 Shouts

*Los Straitjakets – Brooklyn Slide – Jet Set

Dillinger Four – “Comtemplate this on the tree of woe.” – Civil War
The Shortcuts – A Banner Thursday – The Shortcuts
Pistol Grip – Stained and Destructed – Tear It All Down

*Los Straitjakets – Jet Set – Jet Set

*Royal Headache – Psychotic Episode – Royal Headache (Note: CD Skipped, faded out)
*The Orwells – Mallrats (La La La) – Remember When
*Black Cadillacs – Go On, Go Off – Run